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Building your own TerraTrike stand

Trikers have been using PVC to build trike stands for a long time. We've seen a lot of varied designs and this is one of the best we've seen. Thanks to Lee, Rick, and Ray in Vegas.

There are two versions of the stand shown here, each built to accommodate the angles of the different TerraTrikes. This stand on the left is designed for the Path, Cruiser, Tour, Access, Sport, and Race. The stand on the right is designed for the Zoomer and Zoomer Elite. The angle of the front pipes lines up with the cross arms of the trike. The stands costs a little less than $30 to make.

For either stand you will need the following materials:

(All material is 1-1/2" PVC)
QTY 2 lengths of pipe
QTY 8 T's
QTY 7 90-degree elbows

1. Cut straight pipes per dimensions listed below the picture of the appropriate stand.

2. Cut the three T's as shown in the pictures to make the frame cradles.

Optional: The wood platform can be cut to fit by turning the stand upside down without the top pipes. Trace around the couplers and use a jig or saber saw to cut it out for a perfect fit.

Lee says, "Put it all together dry, line it up straight and mark it. Taking it apart and gluing it back together straight is challenging. Putting one #8x5/8 self tapping metal screw in each joint works great. You can take it apart to modify or store it you could just remove the necessary screws."

Stand #1 - For all linkage-steering TerraTrikes

Cut pipes as per picture:

A. 13-1/2" (QTY 2)
B. 9" (QTY 2)
C. 23-1/2" (QTY 2)
D. 12" (QTY 2)
E. 20-1/8" (QTY 1)
F. 29-5/8" (QTY 1)
G. 23-3/4" (QTY 1)
H. 9-1/8" (QTY 1)

You will also need to cut (QTY 4) 2-1/2" pieces to attach the elbows together (where you see an elbow next to another elbow or "T").

Stand #2 - For Zoomer and Zoomer Elite TerraTrikes

The base of this stand is wider to accommodate the increased frame angle of the Zoomer trikes.

Cut pipes as per picture:

A. 20" (QTY 2)
B. 8-7/8" (QTY 2)
C. 23-1/2" (QTY 2)
D. 12" (QTY 2)
E. 16-1/2" (QTY 1)
F. 25-3/8" (QTY 1)
G. 21-1/8" (QTY 1)
H. 5-1/8" (QTY 1)

You will also need to cut (QTY 4) 2-1/2" pieces to attach the elbows together (where you see an elbow next to another elbow or "T").

The right-hand tee is cut back to keep the chain from snagging on it when removing the trike.

The rear tee will get cleaned up a bit with a file or Dremmel tool.

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