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The Electro Tad: Electric power with an affordable price tag.

An entry-level trike with an electric upgrade. The Sunseeker Eco Tad meets the pedal assist power of the Falco hub motor system. The Electro Tad comes stock with a 500W motor and 36V battery from Falco. The thumb throttle engages the motor to use as an assist while pedaling.

Many of you are already familiar with the Sunseeker Eco Tad, the base model of the Electro Tad. However, for those of you who are new to the triking world, let us shed some light on why we chose the Eco Tad as the platform for our most recent electric trike.

Incredible Comfort

Many recumbent riders enjoy the stability and comfort of recumbent trikes, but they often run into a small problem: a lot of models sit close to the ground, making entrance and exit slightly more complicated for some people. The Eco Tad was designed with those folks in mind. Similar to the Catrike villager, the Eco Tad sits higher off the ground and has a more upright seating position than most other recumbents. The mesh is breathable and comfortable on longer rides.

The ease of adjustability on the Electro Tad makes it appealing to new recumbent riders, and the simplicity and functionality of the design is ideal. The seat position can be adjusted along the frame by undoing the quick release lever and sliding the seat to your desired position. The angle of the seat can also be adjusted so you always ride with just the right level of comfort.

A Durable Frame

We wanted the Electro Tad to be adjustable and durable. The Eco Tad offers both of those traits, making it an excellent candidate for an electric upgrade. The position of the frame can be adjusted along the frame with a quick release lever. It also features an adjustable boom in order to cater to a wide variety of riders.

Itís a one piece frame made of high tensile, lightweight steel making it strong and giving the trike a solid feel. The stock version is available in three colors: navy blue, metallic blue, and red.

The Basics


The Electro Tad features an 8-speed drivetrain that will be satisfactory for newer recumbent riders. Because the boom lacks a derailleur post, upgrading to a triple crankset isn't an option. If you're looking for a little more speed, swapping out the single chainring for a Patterson or Schlumpf Drive will widen your gear inch range substantially.


The Electro Tad features Promax floating brake calipers on the front wheels with 160mm rotors and Sunlite locking brake levers. The levers are set up on each handlebar and can double as a parking brake. The brake pads are easy to adjust at the caliper and by adjusting the brake cable.


The Electro Tad has 20-inch wheels all around. With black hubs, spokes, rims, and silver nipples they look sharp. They come with Kenda Kwest tires that will stay in good condition if you run them at their optimal pressure. If you're in an area that's prone to getting flats, you might consider a more thorn-resistant tire.

So what's the big deal?

A 500 Watt motor and a 36 Volt battery, that's what! While the base of these two trikes and many components remain the same, there is a huge difference in the Electro Tad. It uses a 500W hub motor and a 36V battery. Both the motor and battery are made by Falco, a company thatís been creating electric assist options for a number of years now. Weíve been thrilled with their performance and have installed them on so many trikes we stopped keeping track.

This system is set up with a thumb throttle that will allow you to engage the motor as you ride. Use it when you hit a steep hill or when you need a little extra power on the road. Typically the Falco system comes with a console to allow you to dial in your pedal assist, but the console is not included in this package.

Don't break the bank

If you've been wanting to get your hands on an electric trike without going broke, the Electro Tad is the way to do it. It's a quality build with a motor that we feel is one of the most reliable hub motors on the market. The Falco system is an elegant set up that delivers consistent power while you're out on the road, cruising around town or climbing up a hill. Take advantage of the introductory price of $2500 and start enjoying what everybody is raving about: electric power paired with the comfort of a recumbent trike.

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