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Measuring your X-seam
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This episode of The Trike Show explains what an X-seam is, and how to accurately measure your Xseam. Knowing your X-seam can help us configure and set up your Trike for maximum comfort and ergonomic performance.

Your Xseam is the measurement from your tailbone to the base of your feet while sitting in a recumbent position.

If you're by yourself, you can use a book or other object to mark the base of your feet. That way, when it comes time to measure, you won't have to guess. You can slide about 6-8 inches away from the wall to simulate the angle of a TerraTrike reclined seat.

Knowing your Xseam can help you know which fixed boom length to choose. Each fixed boom length comes in 2" increments. Even if you choose an adjustable boom, this measurement will help us know where to set your boom.

Sizing Charts

Frame Size

X-Seam (in inches)

Zoomer/Zoomer Elite
X-Seam *

X-Seam **

The Edge

Extra Short

34.5 - 39

36 - 46

38 - 49

26 - 31 **


36.5 - 41

31 - 42


38.5 - 43

33 - 44


40.5 - 45

35 - 46

Extra Long

41.5 - 46

46 - 50 $199 (custom charge)


Frame Size

Tandem Front (Captain)
X-Seam (in inches)

Tandem Rear (Stoker) X-Seam


37.5 - 39.5

35.5 - 42
One size fits both short and medium.


39.5 - 41.5


41.5 - 43.5

Note: there is no long option in the rear. The larger rider should captain the tandem for optimum handling.

Extra Long

42.5 - 44.5

* The Zoomer, Zoomer Elite, Access, Sport, and Race frames are one-size-fits-all within the X-seam range but we ask for your measurement so we can set up the boom position and chain length to fit you.

** This range is possible on The Edge but requires a custom frame with shorter main tubes, shorter handlebars, a shorter boom tube, longer seat stays, and possibly a shorter crankset. This is a custom build so call for pricing and lead time.

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