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Great for the winter months and also for doing tuneups. Easy to use, simply put the rear wheel of your trike on the rollers. Use your gears to increase resistance.

SportCrafters Magnetic Trike Trainer MR110 w/Progressive Resistance

SportCrafters Magnetic Trike Trainer MR110 w/Progressive Resistance


These mini-rollers are perfect for indoor training year round. Like the magnetic trainer, the progressive roller adds resistance to your indoor triking, but it takes your indoor triking experience one step further. The progressive trainer increases resistance as you increase your speed. It's an excellent way to get in a quality workout without going to the gym, saving you money on home exercise equipment. Put your rear wheel on the rollers, lock your brakes with a velcro strap and you're ready to train (more intensely) in the comfort of your own living room! - (More Details)


SportCrafters Trainer Mat

SportCrafters Trainer Mat


Our custom SportCrafters training mat is extra-long to suit two-wheel bicycles, handcycles and recumbent trikes. Durable rubber material will withstand years of use and abuse. Provides a smooth surface perfect for all SportCrafters rollers and trainers. - (More Details)


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