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Mirrycle Rear View Mirror



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The Mirrycle Rear View Mirror is a must-have accessory for any avid triker. The articulating wedge fastens the mirror directly to the end of your handlebar without interfering with your grip. With a 3" diameter, the convex glass gives you a wide view of what's behind you so you can ride more defensively. Because it has been built with 3 pivot points, it can be adjusted to any angle. But be careful! Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.




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"On a trike, these mirrors with the add on extension arms rock You are able to see all of the car behind you without any issues. About have to have the extensions though, or the mirrors sit way too low to be of good use, but they are the best mirrors out there in my opinion"

"In my opinion mirrors are MORE Important than lights since you can then prepare to avoid oncoming traffic without doing wobbly shoulder checks"

"Ive tried a lot of mirrors, and the Mirrycle is my clear winner for most handle bars. The Bacchetta style bars I prefer a Zefal Spy."


"mirror, you have to have one if you ride on the public roads. even if you dont. still a good idea to know whats going on around you. im not one for living in a padded room. but some things like a mirror could keep you off the darwin awards. one contest id recommended not coming in first. laughs. chris."

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