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Utah Trikes is an authorized TerraTrike Custom Dealer and can make custom models to fit almost every need. We recommend starting with one of our stock models below and then customizing it from there.

Not sure about the difference between the different models? Read our basic TerraTrike model overview, or take a look at the TerraTrike Specs Chart. Of course, the best way to check out a TerraTrike is to come in for a test ride or check out our trike videos.

When you are ready to buy choose Utah Trikes!

Utah Trikes stocks a full line of accessories, upgrades, spare parts, tools and more. Check out our online catalog to see what extras you can add. All our trikes are shipped and delivered fully assembled. Just inflate the tires, adjust the seat and you are ready to ride.

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All of our Wizwheelz Trikes feature the following:
Clean, simple, sporty designs.
All kinds of built-in adjustability without the need to alter the chain length on most occasions.
Custom slung mesh seat with recline and forward/back adjustments.
24 to 27-speed drive-trains with wide gear ranges.
Schlumpf speed drive option for you gear fanatics.
Internal hub transmission options.
Full Ackerman and center point steering geometry for high speed stability
Fine component packages.
Less weight to push around than most other trikes.
The low center of gravity makes you feel like you're driving a Ferrari.
Under-seat steering hand position means no more aching wrists and arms.
All three wheels are the same size - no need to carry two sizes of spare tubes and tires.
Wide range of accessories.
Top notch TIG welding quality.

The Company
American company. Trikes are developed, assembled and shipped in USA.
WizWheelz is an established, proven company that has been in the business of making trikes since 1996. We love it and we're not going away.
Personalized customer service.

The Price
The price is hard to match and the value can't be beat. You can explain to your spouse how much money you are "SAVING" by buying a TerraTrike.
Lowest shipping and handling charge in the industry. We can ship fully assembled trikes to your house.

The Fringe Benefits
Great conversation piece.
Be a part of "our club".
It turns the head of everyone you pass.
When you pass a "bike guy" on a racing bike, you can see how annoyed he is that he spent more and is enjoying it less.
All your friends will want to try it out (and everyone else too).
How many things do you own that are just plain COOL?

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