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UTCustom Basic Wheel Extension Kit for 2013 and later Catrikes



Availability: Currently Out of Stock

You can now convert your Catrike into a different machine. With the bigger rear wheel you will roll faster and have a smoother ride. You won't lose your cargo options either. Our UT Custom adjustable rack is compatible with the extension kit!




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"Smoother, faster"

"It is similar to the set-up I need to run fat tires"

"Gives the rider a more urban trekking trike built for better speeds whilst giving a smoother ride. Can go more open range without beating ones legs to death for those longer rides. Also would be better suited for biking events when speeds and road conditions vary on the power-driven wheel."

"Because when people ride up on me with my Catrike Trail with the extension they always go, "What model is that" and I say, "It is a Trail with an extension." and they go,"oooooh" and I feel like how those guys with tricked out Porsches must feel. Well, maybe just a little. "

"Smoother ride"

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